Monday, October 16, 2006

We Moved!

If for some reason you are here and not here, then I apologize. I'm hoping this will enable more comments, interaction, and fun! Thanks for reading. L.P.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Technical Difficulties

PLease be patient, I'm doing some upgrading here at the ranch...stay tuned.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Teach Our Children Well

Thanks guys...there's definately a lean towards education, and that's along the lines I was thinking. What I see in the public school system is a need for assistance in the areas that are specifically lacking. At my sons school last year, he's at a new school that's better funded this year, was a physical education department that had no equiptment, no time, no participation from the administration, parents or board. We have an entire generation of children...specifically our boys, who are being medicated with stimulant drugs, while physical education programs are all but gone from the public school system. Twice a week for thiry minutes is the average P.E. program in public elementary schools...and only if you have a child in that age group are you aware of these cuts...and the devistating consequences they have on our childrens mental and emotional health. 30 minutes, twice a week...and here's a script of Ritalin to ease the pain. This is just an example. We absolutely MUST provide our children with the room, space, and RIGHTS to be children. We must stop medicating our children, rather than be fully present and aware of their needs. When I would pick my son up from school last year he was always unhappy...beat down. This year he is at an Arts Integration school, and so far his first two weeks at Wilson have been nothing but joyous. Every child deserves the right, DESERVES the right to attend a school such as Wilson. Wouldn't that be something if we could make it happen...create a learning environment through private funding, where every public school teacher at the very LEAST had access to what they needed in order to teach our children well. L.P.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Idea That Goes "Beyond"

BEYOND Creativity and the arts enhance education. One way to honor Foreman Scotty is to create a place where kids can explore and develop their own creativity. Beyond is a philosophy and a place. Go 'beyond' the limitations of government regulations, finances, low expectations by others, Beyond is a place where this can happen for children, and their families. Many children who could benefit from a place like Beyond simply cannot afford a special summer arts or after school program. Our kids are capable and deserving of going Beyond. In order to go Beyond - to dream and live the big dreams, our kids need a place which supports the basics. This place can include an unusual creative homework room, and a more traditional quieter study room. The main space and function for going Beyond is a place which supports their creativity. Beyond can offer summer programs and after school programs. Themes can change by the month based on children's interests, and each month will allow a chance for public performance. Some possible themes: 1. We Rock – kids explore and create their own music. They rock in their own concert at the end of the month – open to the public. 2. Comedy Club – kids explore humor. They discover different types of humor and the value of humor. At the end of the month they participate in a comedy club – open to the public. Cartoons created by the kids are displayed on the walls. 3. Dramatic Acts – A lively month where kids write, produce, and eventually act out their own works. 4. Many other options exist, only our imaginations can limit the themes. Some other possibilities – Open mic poetry night or art show… Our young people have much to offer and deserve a place where the limitations can be lifted, where they can begin to explore their potential to affect others and impact the world through the arts. Laura McMindes Project Reach OSU-OKC 900 N Portland Oklahoma City, OK 73107 Email:


Hi, Lisa I think a fund to allow high school seniors who have a decent grade point and history of stewardship and who cannot get aid and won't be able to further their education any other way, be afforded a means to get a higher education. Whether it be in a college setting or in a vacational/technical school. Education is one thing no one can take away from you, and used right, can change the history of a family in a very positive way. Just my opinion Nicholas L. Scaffetta Nicoli's Italian-American Steakhouse RR 1 Box 174-A Anadarko, OK USA 73005 405.247.6340

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Foreman Scotty's Kid's" 501 (c) (3)

The goal of "Foreman Scotty's Kids" having 501 (c) (3) status, is slowly coming to fruition. Our goal, or rather my dream, has been a long time coming, starting as a child watching Jerry Lewis do his bit for MDA, (one of MY heros) through last Christmas when I was doing funraising for a non-profit here in the city. During the fundraiser last Christmas, I was down in the trenches, out shaking hands and talking to people from all over the world every day. Of course most were from right here in Oklahoma, but it was the holidays, so there was a larger than normal array of 'out-of-towners'. I stood in front of a 2006 Harley Davidson Springer Classic, on the bottom level of Penn Square Mall, right smack dab in front of Godiva. (torture) So there I stood through the holidays, (yes, yes that was me) raising money and hearing your stories... each of you had one, and each of you mattered. I learned through that experience, what it was dad loved so much about being Foreman Scotty. He loved you, he loved people, not just children...but people, folks, y'all, EVERYONE! So on December 27th of last year, I started the paperwork to make FSK's a not-for-profit Charity...and then promptly forgot about it. (I'm a single parent, remember) That is until this summer. Now, here's my question for you...because my dad was very big on "Go to the source." Call this a 'poll' if you will, I just want some opinions on how "Foreman Scotty's Kids" could best serve our community. I want to hear whats going on out there, what the real need is, not just for children, but for all of us. If I'm going to do this in memeory of my dad, and to help others through that memory, I want to do it right. My son is back in school, I have more time available for building this up, but I need your feedback please. So kick it around, talk to people, do your own research if you want, and let me know what you think. The question is: How can "Foreman Scotty's Kids" best serve the community as a non-profit organization? Email me at with your ideas, don't be shy about it! Looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Warm regards, Lisa (aka Foreman Scotty's Kid)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

From a Google Response:

Date: January 11 2001 at 00:31:51 Name: Patrick Bryant Location: L.A.-Where the TV news treats a little rain like it's The Flood! How did you find TTM? Used MapQuest Comments: I used to have some Circle 4 Ranch letterhead stationery that I found hidden in an old cabinet at KTVY, years ago. Don't know where it is anymore :P As many of us know, those kids who appeared on the Foreman Scotty Show near the time of their birthday, got to sit on Woody the wooden horse. Woody was big enough to hold 3-or-4 six-year-olds, and if you pulled on his reins, his head could swivel up and down. Someone once showed me that if you slowly tilted Woody's head up, it would squeak the first few notes of "Moonlight Bay". About the time Channel 4 changed its call letters to KFOR, the new owners decided to throw out a lot of "junk". Horrified that Woody was going to be tossed into the dumpster, some employees called the Oklahoma Historical Society and asked if they would like to have him. Far as I know, they've still got him. Comment: The beautiful new Oklahoma Historical Center does have Woody for all to see that go there. Sincerest appologies all-have been in process of relocating for the last month- thanks to everyone who has helped in this endeavor. L.P.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Woody" Alert!

Hello, Lisa I have found what I think is your Dad's wooden horse, "Woody". He is in an antique store in Chickasha, Oklahoma. The name of the store is Hoffman's Antiques and they are located at the corner of Chickasha Avenue and 5th street. I don't have a phone number for them. I saw Woody there several months ago and if she has sold him, perhaps she can tell you where he is now. I remember Dan D. Dynamo (3D Danny) and the big contest they had to name the robot (Bazark). Later when I was in high school, I played in a golf tournament in El Reno and played against Danny Williams. (Beat him as I recall). Hope you find Woody Nicholas and Cindy Scaffetta Nicoli's Italian-American Steakhouse RR 1 Box 174-A Anadarko, OK USA 73005 Thanks Scaffetta's, I know there we're at least three "Woody's" that I'm aware of...little butt's did #1 and #2 if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of my step-brothers, drop me a line, then get on over to Anadarko and eat some of the best Italian food in the world!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Remember The Zoo Key?

Hi Lisa I sent the weblink to all the people i thought might be interested that i could think of... my friend Terry wrote "I got to ride Woody on my 7th birthday, along with some ol' girl. I always wanted the coveted zoo key, remember it looked like an elephant. At that time at the zoo they had little boxes by the exhibit, and you would put the key in and it would tell you about that animal. I was 2 numbers off the other time I was on the show! My cub scout pack went. So I was on TWICE. Bob Jenny was on the day I was with the pack. Scared the crap out of me when he took those snakes out of those boxes". another great memory of the show.... lg

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Romantic Twist

Hi Lisa, Betty Sanders said you were collecting Foreman Scotty stories. Here's one: I won the Golden Horseshoe when I was about six or seven. When I was that age, my mother was a den mother for 2 dens of Cub Scouts and I was always forced to tag along, the only girl. Mother arranged for both Cub Dens to be on the Foreman Scotty show at the same time. This filled the gallery, so there I was, the only girl again, in a sea of blue shirts. The camera man who whirled the "lasso" over the faces must have felt sorry for me and he zeroed in on the lone little girl. I was watching the boys shenanigans and didn't even realize the lasso was blinking over my face for some moments. It didn't dawn on me that I was what those noisy boys were yelling about. I think I even slapped at one of them for pointing at me! I set the original prototype for Reality T.V. that day. Scotty and the crew in the studio loved my bewildered reaction.I kept the Golden Horseshoe for years. It always made me feel lucky. Darlene Gardenhire Darlene Graham Don't miss THE BABY DIARIES! coming in September BORN UNDER THE LONE STAR LONE STAR RISING LONE STAR DIARY

I've Got My Very Own 3-D Danny Button... and Link!

I sent out mass e-mails the day before yesterday, with a link to this site. Maybe 20 addresses that first time, letting folks know what I as doing here, that's all. In my e-mail, I asked people to please forward my message to anyone who might remember the show and have a story they'd be willing to share. As I watched people start responding to forwarded mail it went from "Didn't Foreman Scotty have a show with Danny Williams?" to "Danny's alive and well and still on the air on KOMA!" Ironically I'd e-mailed DDD at about the same time. Saying "Yo D, remember Scotty's obnoxious kid? Hey, can I link to your very cool site? Can I please, huh, huh, can I?" Last night Danny's lovely wife Maureen sent me an e-mail of not only much needed moral support, but Maureen sent me a- sit down you guys this is sooo cool- Maureen sent me a 3-D BUTTON with a link to the 3-D site! Is that choir music I hear? Are the clouds parting? Am I the ONLY one seeing this? Perhaps I'm hallucinating from lack of sleep. Lack of sleep aquired as the result of not being able to install the stupid button properly! I feel some of you feelin me. The rest of you need to quit laughing. I played under the "Dannysday" desk as a kid, I know what kind of gum he chews for Pete's sake. This is important to me! And of course Danny's alive and well and still on the air... he's from Arcrod, everyone knows Arcrodites (Arcrodians?) live forever. Sheesh.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Time Keeps On Slippin...

Yep, that's Will Rogers Swimming Pool, except now (for those of you no longer local) it's called an "Aquatic Center," and it costs $5 to get in. It's still safe enough though that you can relax while the kids play. And apparently corn dogs are STILL considered the weapon of choice among tow headed, almost eight-year-olds. Seeing that Al just this week abandoned his floaties to save his ego, he's feelin pretty cocky with that loaded dog. Al is on the left, his buddy Indigo to the right.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Networking Of Childhood Friends

"Hi, Lisa, I'm an old friend of Steve Terrell's, and he passed your e-mail along to me. All the girls were in love with your dad and all the boys wanted to BE him. We lived down the street (NW 84th street) from Wilson Hurst (Cannon Ball) for a while and I remember one time FOREMAN SCOTTY came for a visit. All the neighborhood kids crept up on the porch to try to get a look at Foreman Scotty and Cannon Ball in a high-level discussion. We thought it was cool to see Foreman Scotty in regular clothes. It was a great show, even if "The Adventures" scared me half to death. I couldn't wait for Saturday morning to see the whole week's adventures over again! Please feel free to post my story and my name. I can't wait to see the other responses you get! It must feel good to know your father was so beloved." Laura Walker Chandler Houston, TX Thank you Laura, yes it does!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Googling Scotty

A while back, as an experiment of sorts, I "Googled" my Dad. Amazingly enough, all sorts of strange and wonderous things appeared. Some more strange than wonderous, but it certainly got me to thinking. Is there a need? There's always a need! So here I am, barely, trying my sea legs, attempting to track down the mystery behind the man that was Foreman Scotty and also my Dad. One of the less strange and more wonderous hits I got from my google search, was a weblog with an extremely unique name, by a man named Steven W. Terrell. Not only was Steve one of Foreman Scotty's Kids, but he now has a fan base one larger. Steve's an incredible writer, in addition to being a political reporter and music columnist for the "Sante Fe New Mexican". "I grew up in OKC, and Foreman Scotty is an important part of my life and my personal mythology. My brother and I still talk about "Dogman Robots", Hog Waller etc. I remember when I was just 4 0r 5, 3-D Danny and Foreman Scotty did a live show from Wedgwood Amusement Park. My Mom and Grandmother took me there. The day before the announcer said if you're there and you see the robot sneaking up on our heroes, be sure to warn them. Well, sure enough there at Wedgwood there came that robot -- I think he was made out of cardboard boxes -- sneaking up on 3-D and Scotty. So I not only yelled to warn them, I ran out on the set. I was crying, scared of the damn robot and I'm sure I ruined the scene. But I remember your Dad and Danny being very nice and reassuring me, even though they had every right to strangle me. Good luck, and thanks for contacting me. Steve Terrell"